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General Manager, Operations Integrity

Kayode Boladale is the General Manager, Operations Integrity at Oando Energy Resources and Group Risk Management and Control. With over 16 years’ experience in the oil & gas sector as a senior project executive, Kayode has led innumerable operational strategy and change programmes across Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

His work experience is vast across a diversified portfolio of reputable organisations such as Occidental Oman, PDO Oman, BP Sharjah, Shell Gas Romania, TNK BP Ukraine, and ConocoPhillips Aberdeen.

Kayode joined Oando PLC in 2011 as Head, Group Business Optimization and Transformation. In 2012, he became Head, Business Information Management, before joining Oando Energy Resources in the same year.

Prior to joining Oando, Kayode started his career as a project leader at BAe Systems, in supply chain development and capital projects and subsequently joined Celerant Consulting, an international implementation consultancy.

Kayode holds an MBA in Engineering & Business Management from City University London and a Bachelor of Arts in Engineering & Business Management from Greenwich University, London. He is passionate about innovation and project management and has proffered thought leadership across various platforms including a published article on Supply Chain Optimisation for the Aerospace Industry.

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