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Oando Investor Relations
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Our Logo

Oando Logo
Our sun-like logo represents the warmth of our people and the dawning of a new era for our organization. The composition of oval shapes in varying sizes embodies our continuous expansion and growth, while the core is indicative of our basic principles of vision, focus, and unity. Altogether, the differing angles of the shapes create an impression of movement-movement forward, movement to the future, and the movement of energy.

Brand Guidelines

The logo and the combination of the logotype form a visual symbol of Oando – our corporate signature. It therefore needs to be clear and prominent in order to ensure maximum exposure. To this end, specifications of dimension, placement and clear space surrounding the logo have been established. The logo and logotype may be used independently, but when applying them as our primary signature, it is important to ensure that all the elements work consistently in relation with each other.
Horizontal Format Structure
Horizontal Format Grid
Vertical Format Structure
Descriptor system and clear space requirements
Clear space: In order to achieve maximum exposure for our corporate signature, it is important to allow a sufficient parameter of space around the collective elements. This specification of a ‘frame’ or clear space surrounding our identity ensures clarity and legibility of our corporate signature throughout all applications. It can be determined by a 1 X-indicating frame around the full parameter of the corporate signature or around the individual elements. It is even more essential to ensure a perimeter of space around the stacked signature, as the elements have already been altered in their combined structure.

Why Oando?

oando plc nigeria

Oando represents a future that is filled with optimism and hope, a customer - friendly, service driven brand that embraces all the solid and traditional values of the past and takes them into the new technology driven millennium.

Oando is the brand that represents the warm, friendly face of the future.

Oando is a powerful and progressive new force which is set to change the face of the petroleum industry.

Oando is a fresh, energetic, service-oriented brand that has been launched to change the industrial and retail landscape of West Africa. Oando sets out to honour the heritage of West African business and culture. Whilst its position is World Class in every respect.