• About Us

    Supply & Trading was incorporated in 2004 as a Joint Venture (JV) between Oando Plc and Ocean & Oil Services to consolidate and continue the Group’s trading operations within Nigeria.

    The company has successfully maximized its heritage built by Ocean& Oil Services Limited to emerge as one of Africa’s largest independent privately owned oil trading companies.

    The company is involved in the large-scale export and import of petroleum products and is a leading supplier of petroleum products to Nigeria.

    Oando Supply and Trading imported up to 4million metric tons of white products into Nigeria between 2007 and 2009

    Oando Supply and Trading procures and trades a broad range of refined petroleum products and crude oil throughout Africa, Europe, Asia and the Americas. The products include Jet A1, Liquified Petroleum Gas, Gasoline, Dual Purpose Kerosene, Diesel, Low/High Pour Fuel Oil, Naphtha, Base Oil and Bitumen.

    Oando’s Trading Business

    Oando Supply & Trading and Oando Trading Limited (Bermuda) represent the products trading arm of the Oando Group. Our business activities cover the trading of crude and refined petroleum products to refiners, marketing and trading companies respectively.

    Oando Supply & Trading is responsible for the supply of refined petroleum products into Nigeria, whilst Oando Trading is responsible for the supply into other markets. Products traded include gasoline, gas oils, kerosene, aviation fuel, naphtha, fuel oils, bitumen, base oils and liquefied petroleum gas.

    Key strengths:

    • Access to 159.5 million litres of physical storage in major markets

    • Strong management team with over 40 years combined trading experience

    • Knowledge of local and regional market dynamics

    • Access to trading lines in excess of $1bn

    • Strong track record of delivery on all supply contracts


    • To maximize supplies of white and specialty products in the Nigerian and West African markets

    • To strengthen its expansion drive by aggressively increasing its customer base in Nigeria and West Africa


    In line with the leadership culture of the Oando Group, Oando Supply and Trading is the foremost indigenous physical trader of petroleum products in Nigeria.

    The company trades large volume cargoes to the Major Oil Marketers in the country as well as to Independent Marketers.

    Oando Trading

    The company is a recognized leader in oil trading, actively making markets in the financial and physical products, with contracts ranging from spot to term.