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Independent Non-Executive Director

Ike Osakwe is a Chartered Accountant and practising Management Consultant.  He holds bachelors’ and masters’ degrees in Chemistry from the University of Oxford, and is an associate Member of the Institutes of Chartered Accountants both for Nigeria, and for England and Wales. Initially trained for four years at KPMG Audit in London, Ike now serves as the Managing Director of GRID Consulting Ltd. – a company that he established in 1986 and which specializes in financial management advisory for commerce, industry, governments and NGOs.

Mr. Osakwe has over 35 years’ experience in financial, strategic and corporate planning, as well as organisational and financial management systems development, both in Nigeria and internationally. He has brought his vast experience in the dynamics of most major industrial sectors to bear in his work on corporate governance.

He has held several government and board appointments and currently serves on the boards of Leadway Pensure PFA and Notore Chemical Industries. He previously served on the boards of Oando Plc. and Red Star Express Nigeria Ltd; and chaired the boards of Thomas Wyatt Nig. Plc. and UBA Trustees Ltd.

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