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“Africa is evolving. Democracy is spreading across the continent. Good Governance is increasing. Corruption is certainly on a major downturn. It’s just not fashionable any longer.”

Wale Tinubu
Group Chief Executive

Board of Directors
The Board is responsible for proper management of the Company and is made up of a group of individuals from diverse academic and professional backgrounds

Board Governance
The Board of Directors of the Company is responsible for setting the strategic direction for the Company and overseeing its business affairs

Shareholders’ Matters
We effectively manage our relationship with our shareholders through transparent and appropriate disclosure of business and financial information

Governance Framework
In order to provide guidance on Corporate Governance issues, the Company has approved internal policies and practices which are reviewed periodically to ensure continued

Internal Controls
GRMC is a management committee established pursuant to the Enterprise Risk Management strategy of Oando PLC. The Committee is mandated to develop

Anti-Corruption Initiatives
On the 9th of December of every year, Oando joins the rest of the world to commemorate the “International Anti-Corruption Day” in a bid to further entrench