Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE:OANDO) =5.99 (0.00) Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE:OAO) = 30.00 (0.00)

Brand Essence

Service Excellence

At Oando, we take service delivery to the highest level. This unmatched quality service is
consistent at every point we come in contact with our customers

Brand Muscles

Bold Spirit

At Oando, innovative thinking with a strong
passion to succeed drives the company to
push boundaries in delivering shareholder


Oando is active in changing the energy landscape
of the continent. We maintain a progressive
attribute, speaking with authority in
elevating the brand

Proudly African

Oando is an indigenous African company delivering
world-class energy solutions and blazing the trail
for a new breed of African corporates

World-class Experience

Oando retains the essence of consistent quality
experience, whilst reflecting a core cultural
component across all company operations

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